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Legal Articles

Accessible e-Marketing - Be inclusive and talk to ALL your customers
The UK market comprises approximately 8.5 million disabled people - that's almost 15% of the population. They spend between £40 and £50 Billion each year – that figure could bankroll a country! Can your business afford to ignore that number of potential customers?

Privacy & profit-making - how to make money from your customer lists without abusing privacy
Much has been written over the last year or so about the invasion of privacy and theft of the identities of millions of people. So how can you make money from your customers without abusing their privacy, destroying their trust or breaking the law?

Prove It! - Demonstrate your trustworthiness and compliance online
In business, we are constantly required to prove what we are doing. This normally takes the role of an audit, whereby the reported values are crosschecked. This happens most frequently in financial circles, but also includes other business functions.


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