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e-Marketing Articles

e-Marketing - The benefits to a cash-strapped business
So what is this dark art called E-Marketing? We have all heard of the global epidemic called Spam that infests our inboxes, catching out the gullible and installing viruses and spyware onto our computers – all in the name of e-marketing. Needless to say, this fraudulent, technical wizardry is not e-marketing!

Accessible e-Marketing - Be inclusive and talk to ALL your customers
The UK market comprises approximately 8.5 million disabled people - that's almost 15% of the population. They spend between £40 and £50 Billion each year – that figure could bankroll a country! Can your business afford to ignore that number of potential customers?

e-Mail marketing campaigns
In response to a Daily Telegraph question on the best software packages to manage your e-mail campaigns and save a 'fortune', I have compiled a list of options. These are not endorsements of any particular product or company, but an example of what is available.

What use is the mobile Internet to you?

As little as ten years ago, mobile phones were only voice communication devices. We then found the extra bandwidth for text messaging (SMS). Six years ago, BT launched a start-up brand called Genie that took the mobile Internet or WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) to the youth markets. Their customers had access to their email accounts, as well as large numbers of WAP pages with sports, entertainment and games available to them.

Newsfeeds & Podcasts

Modern technology is providing us with almost limitless opportunities to communicate with our customers. Even techniques that were once regarded as completely 'consumer' orientated.

Web development & accessibility

I have recently had a number of web design tenders come my way, some that I have won, others lost. The sticking point appears to be accessibility. As another of the articles I wrote shows, accessibility is vital for ALL websites - both as a legal and moral requirement.


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