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The Professional Marketer

Marketing is a misunderstood area of business, with most people thinking that it involves devising creative advertising campaigns and long, long lunch breaks. If only!

This website is devoted to furthering the profession of marketing, and to highlight many of the burning issues of marketing that occupy the business community today.

Being an online magazine, we focus on the Internet and new-media examples and techniques, but within the articles section, we also hold articles on general marketing and business issues.

The writers for the Professional Marketer are experts in their fields and well respected for their views on marketing. We do, however, welcome your comments and feedback, and are happy to welcome any submissions you may want to send us for inclusion.

The website is divided into and area about the writers - all professional marketers, and the profession of marketing, with links to the main marketing associations and institutes. Within the articles section we have spilt the articles into understandable groups.

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